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Dynamic, melodic heartfelt music production

SAmplifier Music is the personal global interface of Gary J Douglass, a singer/songwriter/guitarist and producer with a passion for composing alternative indie pop/rock based in Adelaide, Australia...and the rest of the world. 

I produce and deliver artist tracks and songs for sync.  And collaborate with incredible, dedicated sync songwriters spanning the globe from Australia to Canada, the U.S. and Europe!

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In 2020, two tracks by MOSELEY square on the SAmplifier Music label, (Carousel and Under My Sun) featured in the film, Moon Rock For Monday, an independent Australian movie set in Sydney in the late 1990’s.  Set for US release in 2022!

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Australian landscape and road movies are a match made in cinema heaven. Due to her terminal illness, nine-year-old Monday’s only contact with the outside world is her weekly visit to the hospital. Her imagination is captured by the (Uluru), which she believes has healing powers. When she sets out for the middle of Australia, she becomes caught up in a police chase involving sixteen-year-old Tyler, a street kid with a massive heart. The unlikely pair soon form a friendship and take off on an epic road trip to the Northern Territory. Meanwhile, her father is desperately trying to track his daughter down before the police find the fugitives. With location shooting in the Flinders Ranges and Coober Pedy, this is a big-hearted film set in a big country. Throw in performances by Aaron Jeffrey, David Field, and Nicholas Hope and you’ve got an irresistible package.

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My name is Gary J Douglass and I’m a guitarist, singer/songwriter and producer with a passion for composing alternative indie pop/rock based in Adelaide, Australia. I collaborate with dedicated sync songwriters spanning the globe from Australia to Canada, the U.S. and Europe to write, record and produce artist tracks as well as songs for sync.

I am also a studio-based artist. I record/produce from my home and I release new material via my YouTube channel. I have a distinctly modern guitar-based flavour with lush melodies, harmonies and dynamics. For example, garish sons bares a proudly acoustic guitar flavour.

I write/produce songs for placement in film, television, advertising, Youtube channels and podcasts.

In our increasingly multimedia online-environment lives – and in an uncertain world – music is not only a constant demand but nourishment for our souls.

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‘An Adelaide-based writer/producer, Gary was formally known as James Gary between 1999-2008. Gary has been a songwriter since the age of seven and has played in numerous original bands as well as being a solo performer for many years.

As well as a number of band projects, Gary has released two solo albums entitled zen SLAP and Harrow Road. Along the way, zen SLAP’s opening track, ‘Gossamer’, was awarded 5th place in the 2002 Australian Songwriters Association Competition, making it two top 5s for Gary with ‘Cybersex’ coming in at #4 in 2001.
One track from Harrow Road, ‘Stick in the Mud’, the song of a jilted man stranded in a lover’s paradise, received high praise on, resulting in the track reaching #1 on its Alternative Rock Chart, #2 on its Australian Chart and #3 on Broadjam’s Rock Chart. The track was also selected for an industry panel review at Song Summit Sydney in 2008. In addition, Gary has received 2 nominations for AWESAM (South Australian Music) awards.
Renowned for his melodic and dynamic approach as a musician, Gary weaves a lyric that is at once provocative, yet hopeful and even tongue-in-cheek.
As well as creating opportunities for his compositions to appear in film and television, Gary offers his songs for other artists to make their own.
This independent artist/producer is certain to strike a chord with lovers of indie/pop with real substance.’

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‘Very well crafted, utterly musical and superbly melodic. The music is damned good; I was moved by it and other people will be also.’